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Can bubble-hopping make us better people?

Can stepping out of our own bubble make us better – or at least more accepting – people? In this semester's last episode of Sound Economy we speak to Emma Stenström, Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, about her research on bubble-hopping and how it can serve to bridge divides between people.

To bubble-hop is to meet and connect with people whose backgrounds, knowledge, opinions, or beliefs differ from our own. 

Emma Stenström  is Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Arts, Business & Culture (ABC) at the Stockholm School of Economics. Combining arts and business has been her research interest since the early 1990’s – and bubble-hopping is a natural extension of that interest.

As part of her research Emma and her team let undergraduate and graduate students from Stockholm School of Economics step outside their own bubbles and meet imams and priests, artists and activists, drug dealers and people who sell sex, people from affluent and marginalized suburbs, homeless people, and millionaires. 

Hear Emma talk more about the practice of bubble-hopping and how you can challenge yourself to step outside of what's familiar. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple podcasts and Google.