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House of Innovation 2021: "Year in Review"

Read the 2021 "Year in Review" Annual Report to learn about the House of Innovation’s research, education, and outreach activities and achievements.

2021’s highlights include:

  • Research: HOI affiliated researchers published 85 articles in 59 journals, with 25 articles in the highest-ranked journals.
  • Education: HOI researchers taught 51 courses at bachelor's, master's Ph.D., EMBA, and executive education levels.
  • Outreach: HOI hosted and co-hosted 15 academic and 19 industry events, including flagship events such as “Hybrid Futures: the blending of AI and ‘digital’ into life, work, and society” as part of the national program of events Digitalidag.
In the first years of operation (2018-2020), we laid a foundation of excellence in research, teaching and outreach. In 2021, HOI began the transition from being a new and exciting “start-up” research environment to increasingly being recognized as one of the premier research environments in Europe within the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and digitalization. We have come a long way. And we have more exciting things to do.”
Magnus Mähring
Chair - House of Innovation
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