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Announcing Global Health Diplomacy

In a world increasingly focused on the nexus of international politics and global health, Global Health Diplomacy endeavors to unite disciplines, practitioners, and institutions for effective diplomacy and leadership.

There is an increasing interest in international politics, leadership and diplomacy for health across the world, particularly in terms of practical approaches how to navigate in a political environment and engage in diplomacy with the aim of improving global health. 

This interest is resulting in new academic research, and a growing demand for expanding skills’ development opportunities, particularly in terms of practical approaches to applied political economy and policy-making.   

However, there is a missing link how governance, diplomacy, development, political science and public health disciplines - and communities - connect. Learning opportunities exist, but are limited, and there is currently no established network convening practitioners nor institutions. 

The overall objective of this project is to expand the cadre of professionals competent in international politics and diplomacy, and help them more effectively navigate in the political landscape to improve health across the world.  

The project will include a mapping of demand and existing skills’ development opportunities, interviews with experienced practitioners in this space followed by a high-level conference bringing together leaders and key institutions to help design a pilot program on “International Politics, Leadership, and Diplomacy for Health”. The conclusions from the project will be captured in an evaluation report, as well as in one or two papers to be published. 

The project might also lead to the establishment of a network of institutions with similar interest, a network of practitioners, as well as a mentorship program. 

This project is a collaboration between and managed by the Stockholm School of Economics, House of Governance and Public Policy and Karolinska Institutet, Department of Global Health. 


Affiliated staff include:

Dr. Anders Nordström (Former Swedish Ambassador for Global Health)

Professor Karl Wennberg (SSE, House of Governance and Public Policy)

Professor Tobias Alfvén (Karolinska Institutet, Department of Global Public Health)

Paul Rosenbaum (SSE, House of Governance and Public Policy)

Carita Rehn (Karolinska Institutet, Department of Global Public Health)