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Karl Wennberg

Affiliated Research Fellow, Professor - Department of Management and Organization

Karl Wennberg holds the Barbara Bergström Chair in Educational Leadership and Excellence at the Department of Management and Organization and is an affiliate research fellow at the Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology. His research is on the Economics of Education, Entrepreneurship and Organization Theory. Current research projects focuses on, among other things, organizational diversity, leadership and working environment in schools, and the 'turnaround' of poor-functioning to more well-functioning schools.

He studies theoretical, practical and policy implication of these streams of research and communicate this in articles, books, case studies and public policy papers. I have lectured in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and consulted for NGOs, governments, and private firms.

Karl Wennberg heads the Center for Educational Leadership and Excellence and the KAB Center for Governance. He is a Professor at the Center for Resilient Health. He is the Scientific Director of House of Governance and Public Policy. He is the Director of the PhD program in Business Administration



Selected Publications

Cultural Diversity in Top Management Teams (2022) Journal of World Business

Policy for Innovative Entrepreneurship: Institutions, Interventions, and Societal Challenges (2021) Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal.

Explaining the homogeneous diffusion of Covid-19 non-pharmaceutical interventions across heterogeneous countries (2020).Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Hygiene and Social Distancing as Distinct Public Health Related Behaviours among University Students’ during the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020). Social Psychological Bulletin

Enhancing the exploration and communication of quantitative entrepreneurship research (2020). Journal of Business Venturing

Why Limited Entrepreneurship Education May Result in Better Entrepreneurial Outcomes. International Review of Entrepreneurship

National culture diversity in new venture boards (2019). Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

What Are We Explaining? A Review and Agenda on Initiating, Engaging, Performing, and Contextualizing Entrepreneurship (2019). Journal of Management

Entrepreneurship and income inequality (2018). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Public policy for academic entrepreneurship initiatives (2018). Journal of Technology Transfer

Causal Mechanisms in Organization and Innovation Research (2017). Innovation: Organization & Management.

Institutional pressure and failure dynamics in the Swedish voucher school sector (2017). Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration

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The impact of entrepreneurship education in high school on long-term entrepreneurial performance (2015). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

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Consequences of Cultural Practices for Entrepreneurial Behaviors (2013). Journal of International Business Studies 

Endogenous growth through knowledge spillovers in entrepreneurship (2011). Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Academic Entrepreneurship: Performance differences between university spin-offs and corporate spin-offs (2011). Research Policy

Hybrid Entrepreneurship (2010). Management Science

Highlighted Research