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On January 25 Misum arranged a seminar initiated by the strong responses to Misum’s debate article “The government misses the main issue: consumption must decrease” by Lin Lerpold and Örjan Sjöberg (DN 9/10). We gathered researchers, politicians, business and civil society members to try to crack the nut.


How can we make money without selling more? Can we consume less and still be a welfare state? What happens to global resources if we continue to consume more? 

Art by Patrik Qvist

Speakers were: (find their slides to the right of this page)

  • Per Bolund, Minister for Consumer Affairs
  • Victor Galaz, Stockholm Resilience Center 
  • Elin Larsson, Filippa K
  • Åsa Moberg, IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • Jens Holm, Member of Parliament from Vänsterpartiet
  • Eva Eiderström, Naturskyddsföreningen
  • Patrik Qvist, artist
  • Joakim Sandberg, Misum and Mistra Financial Systems, SSE
  • Susanne Sweet, Misum, SSE
  • Lin Lerpold and Örjan Sjöberg, Misum, SSE

Find the debate article from Lin Lerpold and Örjan Sjöberg here, the answer from Per Bolund here and Jens Holm´s answer here.

Per Bolund, Minister for Consumer Affairs, presents the government strategy on sustainable consumption in the aula of Stockholm School of Economics

More about the seminar here.