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Annual reports

Misum produces annual reports on its activities, highlighting major achievements and learnings from the year.

Misum Annual Reports

Read about research results, major events and collaborations in our annual reports: what are important achievements for sustainable development and sustainable business in Sweden and globally, how can we mobilize finance for social and environmental matters and foster good governance? How did Misum develop, and what do our affiliated researchers, young scholars and students do?


PRME Reports

SSE signed up to the United Nations' "Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME)" in 2013. Operationally, Misum administers the SSE PRME effort. Related to principles 4 and 5, Misum pools increased interdisciplinary research on sustainable finance, markets and innovation and collaboration with other academic institutions and a variety of private and public stakeholders.


MFS Annual Reports

One of the focus areas of Misum is sustainable finance. In line with the research expertise at SSE and a vibrant finance community in Stockholm, there is a huge potential to catalyze sustainable economic development in Sweden and beyond. In 2016, the Mistra Foundation gave additional major funding to the international research program "Mistra Financial Systems" (MFS, 2016-2020), which was administered by Misum and SSE. More information about MFS can be found here and in the reports below.