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Misum News

Highlights of Misum’s climate work

03 November 2021
Half-way through the first week of COP26 negotiations, we take a moment to reflect on how Misum, as a research center grounded in sustainability work, is contributing to the broad and urgent goal of tackling the climate crisis.

New Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Misum

02 November 2021
Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets is pleased to announce Andreea Preluca as the new Misum Stakeholder Engagement Manager – with focus on sustainability and research.

Nobel laureate Prof. Joseph Stiglitz and Prof. Elke Weber speakers at Misum Forum 2021

29 September 2021
Join Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) on October 8 for our second Annual Forum, which will examine the topic of ‘Responding to climate change - challenges and possible solutions’ with internationally renowned scholars as well as experts from the world of finance and high-emitting industries.

New research collaboration between Misum, Doconomy and Flowe on carbon conscious purchasing trends

17 September 2021
Doconomy and Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) to collaborate on academic research project with support of Italian Flowe CO2-consumption data.

Responding to climate change - challenges and possible solutions

07 September 2021
Join Misum on 8 October for our second Annual Forum, a virtual academic conference examining key issues in sustainable markets. This year internationally renowned climate scholars and experts from finance and industry will present research and evidence on responding to the accelerating climate crisis.

New research looks into why organizations under-employ highly-skilled migrants

25 August 2021
Research published earlier this year investigates potential reasons for the underemployment of highly-skilled migrants at the organizational level. The study shifts the focus from the common narrative of finding explanations at the individual level, to asking why organizations themselves under-employ highly-skilled migrants.

COVID-19 vaccine acceptance high in low- and middle-income countries

18 August 2021
New evidence to support prioritizing vaccine distribution to low- and middle-income countries to expand global immunization coverage.

5 measures economists are debating for reducing carbon emissions

16 August 2021
Carbon pricing has long been the recommended tool of economists for mitigating climate change. In 2019, over 5000 economists, including 28 Nobel Laureate Economists, co-signed statements urging US and EU policy makers to adopt carbon pricing models. What does expanding existing carbon pricing schemes mean and what about other emission reduction methods? Here is a roundup of five possible measures currently being debated by economists.

First three Misum Academic Insights for 2021 out now

01 July 2021
Misum Academic Insights is a series of online briefs highlighting research carried out by our affiliates. Each insight provides a short overview of a research project with its results as well as implications for practice. Read the first three editions in the series below.

Using lotteries to speed up corona-vaccine uptake

22 June 2021
In effort to expedite progress in coronavirus vaccine uptake, several countries have started incentivising prospective vaccine-takers with lotteries and the chance of a big win. Research co produced with Misum's Executive Director explores this growing public health incentive.
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