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Misum News

What you need to know about global catastrophic risks in 2020

16 November 2020
Launched at the SSE Global Challenges education track, the Global Challenges Foundation annual report on global catastrophic risks gathers insights and evidence from global thought leaders on the most pressing risks facing humanity today. In 2020, COVID-19 has amplified almost all of them.

The bond market: Its relevance and functionality for the climate transition

09 November 2020
In a new report from the Stockholm Sustainable Finance Center, co-directed by Misum, researchers outline the connections between the bond market and climate, identifying how investors can contribute positively to climate change-related investments.

Policies and instruments to facilitate the decarbonization of economies

03 November 2020
The first episode in a webinar series on the future of sustainable finance is out now, brought to you by Mistra Financial Systems and Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets.

Join the Financing Sustainable Cities workshop series

12 October 2020
As part of the Smart City Business Event, this three-day workshop series will explore what barriers and possibilities presently exist in amplifying city innovations and enabling cities to reach their sustainability goals.

2 MSEK for sustainability index research project

06 October 2020
Emma Sjöström, Director of the Sustainable Finance Initiative at Misum, Rickard Sandberg (Head of the SSE Center for Data Analytics (CDA)) and Anders Westlund (Professor Emeritus CDA) have been awarded with a SEK 2,090 million research grant to pursue the project “On accountable measurement of corporate sustainability; the need for a sustainability index – proceedings and extensions.”

Are inequalities rising and green investments declining due to COVID-19?

30 September 2020
What has the pandemic implied for industry, education, innovation so far, and how can we navigate the emerging long-term sustainability challenges? Join the Misum Annual forum on October 7 to hear new evidence in the field.

Misum welcomes all new SSE students!

26 August 2020
New student at SSE? Congratulations on the start of your exciting journey! The Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets at SSE (Misum) welcomes you to the fold. We look forward to engaging with you in your studies and following your progress during your time at SSE!

Silent stakeholders and Earth Overshoot Day

21 August 2020
Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services exceed what the earth can regenerate in the given year. This year we reach our global limit on August 22. Meaning that from Sunday onwards, we are all using next year's resources.

How Covid-19 is eroding sustainability progress - Misum writes on World Economic Forum Agenda

16 July 2020
The World Economic Forum (WEF), one of the most important global platforms for business and economic policy coordination, has published a Misum-written article this week, emphasising the need to tackle the pandemic's many sustainability threats.

Vacancy: Misum Stakeholder Engagement Officer

07 July 2020
The Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (Misum) is looking for a skilled communicator to support the management team with outreach efforts that convey research results for sustainable markets to various stakeholders.

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