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Misum News

Managing diversity through transgender inclusion in the Bangladeshi apparel industry

23 June 2020
A new article from Enrico Fontana, Affiliated Researcher at Misum and lecturer at Sasin School of Management, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) investigates the main drivers of transgender discrimination in the Bangladeshi apparel industry. Fontana outlines a typology of collaborative practices to shift mindsets and increase transgender socio-economic inclusivity.

Misum economic lectures on utbildningsradion

23 June 2020
In line with the accelerated digitalisation, SSE has collaborated with the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company “Utbildningsradion” to disseminate current research to a variety of economic topics. On board from Misum: Abhijeet Singh and Maria Perrotta Berlin, talking about how to solve the “learning crisis” of developing countries by relatively simple measures (#SDG4 #SDG10), and the unintended consequences of the ‘Nordic model’ of prostitution legislation (#SDG5 #SDG16).

COVID-19: navigating sustainability risks in the pandemic

17 June 2020
As part of 'Sweden through the crisis', the newly released Covid-19 report from the Stockholm School of Economics, a transdisciplinary team of Misum researchers has explored previous health crises in order to identify sustainability pathways for industry and development policymakers dealing with socio-economic fallout.


18 May 2020
Misum welcomes Maya Rebermark in the new position as Misum Director of Stakeholder Engagement – with focus on sustainable markets. Maya hails from the Stockholm Resilience Centre where she has led global engagement efforts for international transdisciplinary coalitions including the EAT-Lancet Commission and the Global Resilience Partnership.

Misum's Hanna Setterberg in new IVA report: The role of the financial sector for a circular economy

14 May 2020
The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) just released an interdisciplinary synthesis report on how ‘Resource Effectiveness and the Circular Economy’ can become reality in Sweden. Hanna Setterberg, Misum Affiliated Researcher, elucidates the importance of the financial sector.

MISUM Executive Director launches webinar series In Development Economics with leading international scholars in the field

12 May 2020
MISUM is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting Virtual Seminar Series in Development Economics (VDEV), starting on Tuesday 12 May at 5 PM, featuring leading scholars, including two Nobel Laureates.

Earth Day: How the Economy impacts the Environment

22 April 2020
April 22, 2020 marks 50 years of Earth Day. Amid the current crisis, it is more important than ever to protect our natural environment, as intact ecosystem are crucial for clean air, water and food supply or disease control and thus healthy and resilient societies. At SSE we have continuously increased the faculty of sustainability researchers, and dedicate courses in all our programs to topics like environmental economics and how businesses can respond to climate change and other sustainable development goals (SDGs).

New Misum research Fellow in Sustainable Finance

22 April 2020
Misum is welcoming Rieneke Slager as the 2020 Misum Research Fellow at the Sustainable Finance Initiative. Rieneke is Assistant Professor at the Global Economics and Management department of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Groningen. Her research focuses on active ownership, responsible investment behavior and private governance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Covid-19 crisis and the need for a global response

30 March 2020
As countries all over the world struggle with mitigating the Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating consequences for public health, but also for economic and the broader societal development, international collaboration is needed more than ever. While most of the public attention is directed to domestic or regional developments there is an urge for international organizations and donors to take action globally.

Misum researchers: Corona crisis more critical for immigrants - we need to act

27 March 2020
Lin Lerpold and Örjan Sjöberg from Misum point out how the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are increasing inequality in Sweden. "Immigrants are affected to a much higher degree", they say, and stress the need for more far-sighted and comprehensive political measures in order to avoid "a very unsustainable labour market situation" in the long term, with far reaching consequences for integration and societal welfare.

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