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Managing the integration of competencies in knowledge intensive work groups

Professor Andreas Werr and PhD Philip Runsten

Competitiveness in modern, knowledge intensive organizations is to a large extent a function of their ability to utilize and develop their employee’s competencies. In order to achieve this, knowledge intensive work is often performed in flexible work-teams formed in order to bring together and leverage employees’ competencies. The current project aims at identifying enablers of knowledge integration in knowledge intensive work groups. Theoretically the project brings together different approaches to knowledge integration emphasizing both the need for a knowledge-based division of labour as well as of joint learning and reflection. Aspects such as psychological safety and the actors’ understanding of the group and its task (representation) are highlighted as important enablers of knowledge integration.

Project members
Professor Andreas Werr and PhD Philip Runsten

Financed by

Leadership and human resources; Entrepreneurship and innovation

Professional service firms; manufacturing

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