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Higher education and research in times of war and peace: Key insights from the 2022 FREE Network conference

26 September 2022
Russia’s war on Ukraine entails lost human capital, both in actual lives lost and due to major disruptions to key functions of the society, such as education and research. In light of this, the FREE Network, together with the Centre for Economic Analysis (CenEA) and the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE), hosted the public conference “Higher Education and Research in War and Peace“ in Warsaw on the 10th of September 2022. This policy brief is based on the presentations and panel discussions held during the conference.

Gender Salary Gap in the Auditing Profession: Trend and Explanations

22 September 2022
New research from the Department of Accounting examines the gender salary gap in the auditing profession in Sweden.

Vacancy: Post doc in the field of macro-labor at the Department of Economics

22 September 2022
The post doc will work together with Professor Johanna Wallenius (and potential co-authors) on a project on life cycle labor supply. A key focus of the project is on understanding inequality and the interaction of risks and social insurance systems over the life cycle.

Sixtensson on Homer's Odyssey

21 September 2022
Fredrik Sixtensson, postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Statecraft and Strategic Communication, participates in panel on Homer's classic work.

Vacancy: Tenure Track Position at the Department of Accounting

21 September 2022
The tenure track position is in business administration with a focus on accounting (i.e., financial accounting, auditing, management accounting & control, and financial analysis).

Great research potential within socially labelled financing

21 September 2022
Sophie Nachemson-Ekwall has recently written a third report on the market for social bonds and social outcome contracts and is looking forward to continuing her research in socially labelled financing. She appreciates the development of the social sustainability labelled financial market in the Nordic countries and is hoping for an even greater interest.

How randomized control trials can make the world a better place

20 September 2022
What programs and initiatives actually make a difference for integration, education and health? How do we know what works so we can put our effort and money where they are the most effective? That’s what Associate Professor Martina Björkman Nyqvist’s research is all about. Hear more about it in the latest episode of Sound Economy.

Foreign aid to Ukraine: Lessons from the literature on strategic foreign aid

19 September 2022
Ukraine is currently receiving substantial inflows of foreign aid from western donors to help the country withstand the Russian aggression. The foreign aid flows partly reflect altruistic motives from the donor side, but also donor’s domestic strategic foreign policy objectives as the war is seen as part of a battle over the future world order. In this brief, Anders Olofsgård, discuss the academic literature that has analysed the existence and consequences of strategic motivations behind aid flows more generally, and draw some preliminary insights for the case of Ukraine.

Open Seminar at Score: David Ciepley

19 September 2022
Welcome to a seminar on 22 September with David Ciepley, COFUND Fellow, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Study och Associate Fellow, The Center for Advanced Studies in Culture, The University of Virginia.

What is the role and responsibility of the business community in alleviating poverty?

16 September 2022
With recent reductions in international aid contributions, eradicating poverty is becoming increasingly challenging. Ending poverty requires cross-sectoral partnerships and engagement from all parts of society, not least the private sector. On October 5, Misum Forum 2022 is hosting prominent Swedish industry leaders and internationally renowned academics to discuss the role business and industry can, and possibly should, play in reducing poverty globally.
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