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Creativity and knowledge creation in lean organizations

Assistant Professor Anders Richtnér

The research project ¹Creativity and Knowledge Creation in Lean Organization¹ address the challenge many companies are facing today: how to combine efficiency and effectiveness with an ability to be constantly innovative. Particularly the following two questions are in focus: a) how do companies create the possibility for employees to be creative, to develop and share knowledge as lean is implemented in the firm and in the R&D organization in particular, and b) what hinders knowledge transfer and creativity within and between organizations and within and between projects in an organization. The research project takes a multi-method approach in order to develop a comprehensive understanding. The results are reported in seminars for the firms participating in the study, in research articles, and in books and book chapters. Additionally several of the findings are also used in education, at the executive and the undergraduate level.

Entrepreneurship and innovation, Managing operations Manufacturing, SME

People involved
Assistant Professor Anders Richtnér (Project leader, SSE)
PhD Student Anna Brattström (SSE)
Professor Pär Åhlström (SSE)
Professor Hans Löfsten (Chalmers)
Associate Professor Birgitta Södergren (IPF)

Financier of the project/program

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