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Bachelor courses in Finance

The series of finance courses taught in the Bachelor program has been designed with the goal in mind to educate students in the most important areas within financial economics.

Finance is a field that affects society in many different ways: for example, venture and private equity financing is important to support entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas while the mutual fund and financial advising industry plays a crucial role in supporting all of us in saving for retirement. Given this scope of finance, it is important to provide bachelor students with a solid overview and introduction into finance. At the same point in time, the department of finance at SSE values research and critical thinking very highly and this will also be reflected throughout all our courses.

Bachelor program in Business & Economics

In the Bachelor program in Business & Economics, we give two mandatory courses in finance in the first two years. The first course, Finance I: Investment Management, focuses on capital markets, financial instruments and investment management. The second course, Finance II: Corporate Finance, focuses on issues in corporate finance, such as capital structure, short- and long term financing and mergers and acquisitions.

In the 4th and 6th semester, we offer a finance specialization with two courses, one in Corporate Finance and Value Creation and one in Topics in Asset Pricing. In these two courses we build on the knowledge acquired during the first two years of study, but go both deeper and wider. The courses introduce new theories and methods and use a mixture of pedagogical tools, including the case study technique, to bring finance theory to life.

In the fith and sixth semester, we offer four finance electives. The course Behavioral Finance introduces students to investment choices by individuals and how they are affected by behavioral biases. Another elective focuses on Digitalization in Finance introducing students to areas in which technology helps solve finance problems and to the technologies commonly used in Fintech applications.

The finance courses in the BSc program in Business & Economics at SSE are:

Bachelor thesis

Students can also write their Bachelor thesis in Finance. In the thesis writing course (BE451), students will first be exposed to standard econometric tools that are essential to do research in finance. Then, they will practice applying economic theory and using these empirical methods to analyze problems in finance and to present the analysis in the form of an academic paper.

Bachelor program in Retail Management

In the Bachelor program in Retail management, the department offers one introductory course in finance covering the basics in both corporate finance and investment management.

Further information and contact

For more information about prerequisites for the finance specialization, please see: