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The Nonprofit Sector

Researchers from the Civil Society Program have since early 1990s been involved in the Swedish part of the Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project. Two mappings have been conducted so far. The structure, economy and activities in the Swedish nonprofit sector have been studied for 1992 and 2002.

This unique data material have been used to analyze trends as commercialization of the non-profit sector, new organizational mixes and a distinct drift of the sector from voice to producing services both for organizations’ own members and social service in benefit of others. The Nonprofit Sector project further aims at mapping sector-state and sector-industry relationships and special characteristics of the Swedish nonprofit sector especially in relation to other European countries.

As a derivate from the Johns Hopkins mapping project we have for long been involved in the debate on how to improve the Official Statistics of Sweden for the non-profit sector and for health care and social service sectors. Our texts and arguments have since then been used for discussing of statistics systems in official reports as SOU 2007:37 “Vård med omsorg – möjligheter och hinder”, SOU 2007:66 ”Rörelser i tiden” and Prop. 2009/10:55 “En politik för det civila samhället”. Torbjörn Einarsson is currently involved in a reference group at Statistics Sweden with the aim of implementing the Johns Hopkins system in Swedish official statistics.

Selected publications

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