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Four Courses, Four semesters


Courses in the Global Challenges Program

Semester 1: Knowing

  • The first course will provide a basic understanding and overview of global challenges
  • Gain knowledge of factors and risks in relation to these issues, for example global warming, poverty, water crisis and political violence
  • Understand the causes and how these problems are related to each other

Semester 2: Doing

  • The second course is focusing on problem solving and dealing with the existing problems
  • What are organisations and businesses on different levels (international and regional) doing?
  • Splitted into three blocks: The Challenge, The Role of Business and The Practice of Social Entrepreneurs

Semester 3: Being

  • This course examines ongoing issues in relation to the individual
  • Students will be able to analyze their own ethics and values, and how this will affect their leadership skills
  • Personal development and self exploration are key themes

Semester 4: Expressing

  • Conclusion of the whole track
  • Produce a final project on a specific issue, and also present a well-grounded solution
  • Global Challenges Expo dedicated to presentations of the projects

Video from Global Challenges Expo 2018

People involved

Course Directors / Teachers



Course Director/Teacher
Associate Professor, Department of Management and Organization


Course Director/Teacher
Associate Professor, Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics


Course Director/Teacher
Affiliated Researcher, Department of Management and Organization


Course Director/Teacher
Assistant Professor, Department of Management and Organization

People involved

Project Manager / Program Coordinator



Project Manager, Global Challenges

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