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Books and E-Books

A guide to finding books and e-books both inside and outside of SSE Library.

Finding Books in SSE Library

The starting point for finding books in the MerQuery searchbox on SSE Library web page. Search by title, author or keywords. 

Apart from books related to your subject, some other useful resources are:

Handbooks provide a good starting point and an overview of the research done within a specific field. They are comprised of multiple chapters written by leading researchers, all specialized on different aspects of the topic, summarizing the research. The Oxford handbook of management, e.g., covers the history and evolution of management, core management functions and practices.

There are several publishers of these handbooks. Look for:

The Oxford handbook of...
The SAGE handbook of...
Routledge handbook of... etc.

You can also try searching in the library catalog for "handbook" or "advances in" together with a relevant keyword, such as "management" or "leadership".

Books on scientific methodology
You need to learn about different scientific methods when writing a thesis, and of course, choose one to use for your thesis. Search for "research methodology" in the library catalog to find books on this topic.

SAGE Research Methods is a database containing a large number of e-books on research methodology, among other things. 

Books on academic writing
Search for "report writing" in the library catalog to find books on academic writing.

Finding Books Outside of SSE Library

If you don't find all the books that you need in SSE Library, you can search in Libris. Libris is the Swedish Union Catalog. It contains information about books at Swedish university libraries.

Using other libraries
You can visit other libraries, such as The National Library of Sweden (Royal Library), The Library of Parliament, The Public Library and the libraries of other Stockholm universities, and use their resources. Use Libris to find books and see which libraries have them. Some restrictions may apply as to what resources are available to you as external users. Please contact the library in question for more information.

Interlibrary loans
If you find a book relevant for your project located at another library, you can order it as an interlibrary loan.

Please note that interlibrary loans only are made for books outside the Stockholm region. If the book you need is available at a library in Stockholm, you must go there and borrow it from them directly. More information about interlibrary loans.

Suggest a book for acquisition
You can also suggest a book for acquisition. Send an e-mail to library@hhs.se with information about the book and yourself. The library will then review your suggestion, and if the book is available for purchase and deemed relevant we will buy a copy for the library and reserve it for you.

Finding E-books

SSE students have access to over 40 000 e-books via SSE Library. Most can be found in the library catalog, while others can only be accessed through our databases. Some databases containing e-books are:

SAGE Research Methods
SAGE Research Methods contains e-books with a focus on research methodology. Provides full-text access to more than 1,000 social sciences-related books, reference works and journal articles published by SAGE. Read more

E-Book Central
E-Book Central contains e-books mainly in Business and Economics, as well as many e-books in Marketing.

Palgrave Connect/SpringerLink
Palgrave Connect/SpringerLink contains e-books within Business, Management, Economics and Finance.

Emerald contains e-books in Accounting, Finance and Business Ethics. Otherwise it is mainly concentrated on the fields of Business and Marketing.

Science Direct (Elsevier)
Science Direct (Elsevier) contains e-books in Economics, Econometrics and Finance. It also includes access to several books within the Handbooks in Economics and  "Advances in..." series.

All e-book databases



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