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Swedish Academic Material

You may want to search for academic material from Swedish universities when doing your research. You may also want to look at other student theses related to the same topic as yours. 

SwePub and Diva are two databases containing Swedish material.


SwePub makes it possible to search among articles, conference papers, dissertations etc. published at Swedish universities and authorities (not SSE). Use SwePub for an overview of what is published in your research area in Sweden, to get titles in full text, abstracts and citations. 

SwePub currently contains references to research publications registered in at present approximately forty of the Swedish universities. SwePub does not contain student theses, like Diva. 


Diva portal is a finding tool and an institutional repository for research publications and student theses written at 47 universities and research institutions in Sweden (not  SSE).

Both SwePub and Diva are free resources.

SSE Publications and Student theses

SSE dissertations are published, often in full text, on the library web page. Go to SSE Publications.

SSE Bachelor and Master theses from 2006 onwards are available in full text in the SSE library catalog. An easy way to find student theses from other universities is to search in Uppsök.