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These are the startups being offered an investment from SSE’s new venture capital fund

Starting now, companies at the School’s startup incubator, SSE Business Lab, will be getting both a boost in their venture building and an offer of investment from the new fund SSE Ventures. Seven new startups are starting at the incubator today, four of which are eligible for investment.

Today, SSE Business Lab is announcing which new companies have managed to pass through their latest round of admissions. Three new companies will begin the incubator’s intense acceleration program, while four startups have entered the incubation program. The four startups in incubation will, together with the corresponding companies from the summer round of admissions, be offered an investment of 300’000 SEK from the Stockholm School of Economics’ new fund.

Julia Delin is CEO of both SSE Business Lab and the new fund SSE Ventures. She believes that the expanded offering, which now not only includes support regarding business development but also early stage capital, will attract even more companies to the mythical incubator in the future.

“The point of the fund’s investments are in equal parts about supporting the companies, strengthening Sweden’s innovativeness, and creating returns. The startups that apply to us understand the opportunities that SSE’s support creates,” she says.

Startups may receive larger follow-on investments

The companies that accept an initial investment from SSE’s fund will be eligible for further support with more capital in their future fundraising rounds. This is enabled by SSE Ventures’ evergreen structure – the fund will not be shutting down after a certain amount of years, as is otherwise the norm for these types of funds.

Truecaller veteran and tech profile Zakaria Hersi, who is active in SSE Business Lab’s Board of Admissions and has invested in the fund, is happy about the fact that startups at the incubator are now able to get both immediate and more lasting support.

“Picking out these seven new companies has been really fun. Now, they have the chance to step on the gas and then receive long-term, sustainable support,” he says.

Other than the companies getting capital now, the four companies accepted in the last round will be offered an investment. SSE Business Lab alumni company Scrintal has previously received an investment from SSE Ventures. Going forward, all companies accepted into SSE Business Lab’s Incubate program will be offered an investment of 300’000 SEK.

The following companies have been admitted in this round:


Chip: The pay-per-article solution that fixes it once and for all.

Biosphere Intelligence: Accelerating the sustainability transition through digital, scalable, research based learning experiences.

Nilo Collaborations: Your digital management consultant – a facilitation tool that helps you find the right answers to your organization’s questions.

1-Fits-All: A perfect mix of vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and spices in a simple daily packaging, offered on subscription through online channels.


DebtPool: A product making the fundraising process more efficient and loan management simpler for bankers and agencies, and enabling medium companies to borrow money easier.

Flok: A mobile-first social calendar that empowers people to do more together.

Guide.in: A brokerage firm selling suitable, third-party provided courses to customers who want to either upskill in their current careers or switch careers entirely into an in-demand field, with the aim of making them more employable and satisfied.


Incubate Summer 2022 companies that will also be offered investment: 

Fleetm8: The comprehensive digital solution for documenting maritime events.

Norn: Prepares and supports pioneers, creators and creatives with building, establishing and growing their communities in Web3 through NFT:s.

Polytope: Flexible software development platform helping development teams simplify their digital infrastructure.

Tilly: Personalising fertility support across physical and mental pain points.

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