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Pär Åhlström named EurOMA honorary fellow

Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg Professor Pär Åhlström has become the 20th person to receive the distinction of honorary fellow at the 2022 annual EurOMA conference.

EurOMA (European Operations Management Association) is an international network of academics and practitioners from around the world who have a common interest in the continuing development of Operations Management.

In 2009, EurOMA initiated a Fellowship program to honor those academics who have 1) made a great contribution to the field of Operations Management (OM), and 2) dedicated many years of service to the Association. Every year since, EurOMA selects loyal members who have met the above criteria and endows them with the title of honorary fellow and during its annual event. The award is intended to recognize the exceptional contribution that these EurOMA members have made to the theory of the OM field, the development of the discipline in Europe, as well as the relevance of their impact on OM education and teaching, and/or their service to EurOMA and the OM community in Europe.

"I am extremely honored by the appointment, as it serves as a recognition of my work to develop the operations management research community over the years, as well as the research I have conducted."

- Torsten and Ragnar Söderberg Professor Pär Åhlström

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