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Platform for fertility patients wins SSE Business Lab grant

Jenny Ann Ax:son Johnson and Anna Sane, co-founders of Tilly, have won the Grosshandelssocieteten Grant of 100,000 SEK. The Tilly platform serves as a catalyst for improving patient well-being and achieving successful fertility treatment results.

Tilly is an evidence-based mental health platform for fertility patients that helps fertility clinics integrate psychological support in their day-to-care care. Research shows that the psychological impact of infertility is profound, with the emotional toll being the most common reason for patients to discontinue their fertility treatment. By partnering with clinics, Tilly helps them improve patient wellbeing and treatment outcome.

Jenny Ann Ax:son Johnson and Anna Sane, co-founders of Tilly, are this year’s winners of the Grosshandelssociteten Grant at SSE Business Lab. The grant is 100,000 SEK and is directed towards "Especially Dedicated Entrepreneurs" at SSE’s startup incubator.

What’s the best thing about being a part of SSE Business Lab?

”Building a company presents many challenges, and being a part of a community of other entrepreneurs, coaches, etc., is extremely valuable. It gives you someone to bounce ideas and questions with. There’s always someone who’s hade the same challenge or who knows someone who can help out.”

Tilly entered the Incubate program at SSE Business Lab in June last year. During 2023, they’ve secured partnerships with 14 fertility clinics all across Europe.

What does winning this grant mean for you two and Tilly?

”It means a lot! Both in terms of recognition for the work that we’re doing, which gives us motivation to run even faster. And, of course, financially, given all the time we’ve bootstrapped. We are really happy for the honor!”

The Grosshandelssociteten Grant is one part of SSE Business Lab’s annual award collaboration with Stockholms Borgerskap (eng: The Association of Merchants and Guilds in Stockholm) through one of its foundations, Stockholms Grosshandelssocietet. The collaboration also includes travel stipends usually granted to 30–50 current SSE students per year for studies abroad.

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