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Roberto Verganti wins 2020 Albert Page Award for Outstanding Professional Contribution

House of Innovation Professor Roberto Verganti has, together with co-authors Luca Vendraminelli and Marco Iansiti of Harvard, been awarded the 2020 Best paper Award by the Journal of Product Innovation Management.

The winning article, entitled "Innovation and Design in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" describes how leaders can transform their innovation processes and culture thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This research proposes that AI enables to overcome past limitations of innovation processes (slowness in addressing new needs, lack of personalization of solutions, intense use of resources). In fact, (AI) allows to design new specific solutions to specific customers right in the moment in which these solutions are required.

AI-infused products, called “problem-solving loops,” gather information from users while simultaneously improving products based on that information, all in a seamless cycle.

As AI focuses on the hard job of continuously developing individualized solutions, human designers can then elevate their focus and attention to identify which problems make more sense to address and why.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Professors Verganti, Vendraminelli, and Iansiti for this recognition of their academic contributions!

"Our awards process selected your paper primarily for its contributions to practice but also for its rigor, novelty, and likely long-term impact."

- Journal of Product Innovation Management Editorial Team

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