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Department of Management and Organization

The Department of Management and Organization (DMO) is built upon a foundation of broad-based knowledge and diverse competence.


Our vision is to contribute to a sustainable society where contextual understanding of management, leadership and organizations drives responsible change in business and society.


The department of management and organization equips people and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with current issues and the uncertainty of a changing world. We do this by developing and disseminating research-based knowledge at the intersection of people, organizations and society.

Our research and teaching is multidisciplinary and reframes contemporary issues with the aim to contribute to better lives, organizations and societies. We draw on and contribute to the knowledge domains of Organization theory, Organizational behavior, Governance, Leadership, HRM, CSR and Organizational change.

We achieve our vision by engaging in reflective and vibrant dialogues with researchers, students and practitioners, in a collaborative creation of knowledge about and for the contemporary organizational reality. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, a region and country top-ranked on sustainability and innovation, we draw on unique access to organizations in our research and education.

Research at DMO

The research at the department relies upon close cooperation with the Swedish business community and public sector. The research covers organizations and managers in various phases of development, from small start-ups to large established firms. The research is conducted in private, public and voluntary organizations.

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Education at DMO

The focus of the education at the department is the challenges facing managers of all types of organizations. The education aims at being of value to students regardless of career choice.

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People of DMO

A presentation of all the people working at DMO.

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