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Vad är din grej, Marie?

Maries passion för kodning och mjukvaruutveckling kom efter hennes examen från Handels, men hennes utbildning gav henne en stabil grund som hon använder varje dag

Although she was hired as a backend developer, Marie actually wears many hats during each day, which she finds makes her work all the more exciting! Her days switch between building proof of concepts, brainstorming with her team, redesigning data models, building new or maintaining old backend features and assisting data scientists with more technical tasks. She also acts as a Scrum master for her team, which means that she is responsible for ensuring the team lives agile values and principles and follows the scrum processes and practices.

Corsearch, where Marie works, protects brands online, flagging goods being sold under clients' brands, which basically means that they scrape various online marketplaces and try to identify infringing goods being sold under their clients' brands. They then try to enforce the entity selling a counterfeit product, or under any other infringement, if legally possible. This all means that they process massive amounts of data (about 100 million records daily, with a goal of 2 billion a day) from all around the world. Marie's job is to help the company think about automation while building stable and scalable technical solutions and meeting business requirements. 


"My days switch between building proof of concepts, brainstorming with my team, redesigning data models, building new or maintaining old backend features and assisting our data scientist with more technical tasks."



After SSE, Marie took an intensive programming course and was hooked – she already loved problem solving, which is what she finds coding is all about, but was especially taken by how there are many ways of solving the exact same problem when programming. As she learned more, she was able to simplify her solutions and with her business foundation, she could see how their implementation would add value to any company.

Marie believes she uses her business degree every day, helping her balance cost, investment, and technical capabilities to arrive at the best decision

"It definitely gave me a solid business foundation to build upon, which really helps me in whatever I do. Every small technical decision you do has an effect on business and being able to prioritize and understand what is important and what the long term effects are is invaluable."


And for those considering applying to SSE? Marie recommends reaching out to a former student to learn more about the program and get a feel for what the studies are all about.



Marie is an example of how there are endless possibilities of what you can work with in the future if you decide to go into the world of code. There are so many ways of learning how to code outside of your traditional education, so many platforms that give you a good start on your journey to become a developer.