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Stockholm Doctoral Course Program in Economics, Econometrics and Finance (SDPE)

SSE and Stockholm University collaborate by offering common courses for doctoral students in economics, econometrics and finance. This joint undertaking has developed into one of the strongest doctoral course programs in Europe.

The departments backing up the SDPE comprise around 40 full professors, 30 associate professors and 40 assistant professors. With a large number of international appointments during the last five years, the faculty has become increasingly international and the teaching language is English. Internationally renowned visiting professors regularly give short courses on special topics.

Each fall, around 20 to 30 new doctoral students begin taking courses in the SDPE. Students spend their first year taking compulsory courses. In their second year of doctoral studies, students can choose from a wide variety of field courses. The third and fourth year are devoted to dissertation research at the institution (SSE or Stockholm University) to which the student was admitted. 

More information on courses, exam periods and possiblity to retake exams are available on the dedicated website at Stockholm University. 

There are no tuition fees and an increasing number of the SDPE students are international students.

To allow students to further benefit from the high faculty to student ratio in the SDPE, students can spend part of their graduate studies as a visiting student at another institution within the SDPE collaboration than the one they were initially admitted to.

SSE and Stockholm University are members of the European Network for Training in Economic Research (ENTER). ENTER is an exchange program for graduate students, organized by a cooperative venture between seven leading European Economics Departments. Its aim is to foster internationally competitive research of the highest quality, by broadening the base for competent supervision and intensive interaction towards research in Economics.