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What's in it for me?

Many of our alumni say that studying their Executive MBA at SSE was life changing. Here you will enter a collaborative, warm and sharing learning environment where the teaching is built on the experience in the room, not only the faculty’s but also the participants’. In class it’s interactive, theories and modules are put into practice in discussions and real live cases. What we teach shall be applicable in real life.

Here are some examples of what our alumni say that they have gained from the SSE MBA Executive Format program.

New knowledge, skills, and theoretical tools

You will gain a holistic understanding of business, companies, and industries. You will learn how to utilize strategic analysis tools, build financial models, calculate value, giving you a base for well-grounded decisions and possibilities in new markets.

thinking and strategic decision making
The program's emphasis on using real business cases for analysis and recommendations  sharpens your ability to think critically and strategically, and to assess complex situations quickly, systematically, and creatively, and propose viable solutions to boards and CEOs.

Broadened perspective
s and global understanding
The program provides extensive international experience, broadening the understanding of global markets and the complexities of conducting business in different regions.

perspectives and cultural nuances
Engaging with classmates from different cultures and industries you learn to approach business challenges from multiple angles, and the importance of cultural nuances and various viewpoints in decision-making processes and when developing business strategies.

CSR, sustainability management and leadership
The program's strong emphasis on sustainability and responsible business practices makes you better equipped to champion sustainable initiatives, foster responsible practices, and drive positive social and environmental impact. ​ You also develop a greater understanding of the direct and indirect impact on a firm’s extended value chain.

aspirations and career
The program often changes your vision on your future aspirations. It forces you to reflect on goals, helps you identify challenges and opportunities, and can provide clarity and direction in your professional life leading to a more meaningful and enjoyable career. It opens new career opportunities.

Internal and e
xternal legitimacy
The MBA degree signals quality and competence both internally and to third parties, and can result in new career opportunities.

New and wider network
You will create a valuable network of classmates from different industries, positions, and cultural backgrounds, which will lead to fruitful exchanges and potential future collaborations. ​But most importantly you will be part of a supportive community built on trust, and gain friends for life.

Better leader, stronger confidence
New knowledge, skills, and tools, will help you become a stronger and more knowledgeable leader. The studying process, coaching, and discussions with faculty and fellow class-mates help you become more self-aware, and to understand what gives you energy  and drives you on a day to day basis. It gives you willingness, courage, and confidence, to explore new development opportunities and to grow professionally and personally.