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Ulrika Martinius

"Spending one intense week together, followed by some apart turned out to be a great structure." Ulrika Martinius - MBA, HR, The Green Climate Fund

Ulrika is overall responsible for Human Resources at The Green Climate Fund - a new financial institution based in South Korea, working on global climate finance architecture to make a tangible impact in developing countries.

Why did you choose the SSE MBA?
I’d been working internationally before I started my MBA at SSE. Early on I understood that it took a higher education to make a career, especially if you want to focus on the UN or other international institutions.

SSE had the best reputation, among the options I considered, and is a well-known brand internationally.

How did the MBA affect your career during the program?
I actually got an offer to start working at the WHO Regional Office in India. During the last months of my education I traveled between Stockholm and New Delhi. I think my MBA played an important part in me being offered that position.

What part of the program did you appreciate the most?
I thought the entire program was such an adventure! To get the opportunity to visit Washington during our field trips was indeed an experience. As well as getting to know my fellow peers and grow a network that included a variety of professions and industries. There was always a thought behind everything, which kept it relevant and close to the business reality. Spending one intense week together, followed by some apart turned out to be a great structure. I always longed for the next study week, and when it all came to an end two years later it actually felt empty.

How did the broad experience among the participants work with the program content?
The diversity among the participants generated interesting discussions. My class was very open and generous, which was amazing. The discussions also continued during breaks and lunches, adding even more knowledge to the one offered in class. It was a great group of people, knowledgeable, ambitious and forward thinking.

Based on your experience, what do you think you contributed with to your group?
Probably my broad international perspective, both from the UN, CGIAR and the EU Commission, but also my education and experience within the international Human Resources field. I was the only one with that background within my group.

What industries or professions do you think would gain from an MBA?
Easy question: Everyone!