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Kristoffer Kvam

"It promoted my professional career and made it easier for me to take on greater responsibility.", Kristoffer Kvam MBA, Head of Network Rollout, Telenor, Oslo

Why did you decide to earn an MBA at SSE?
I wanted to acquire a better theoretical platform to stand on as part of my leadership development. I have taken several management courses at SSE, but an MBA offered a bigger picture.

How did participating in the SSE MBA program change you professionally?
It developed my formal competence and I now feel more comfortable interacting with people from fields outside my own and with different expertise. I have a technical background but I am now able to make decisions on the basis of not just technical aspects, but also from a strategic viewpoint.
In general, I feel more up to speed and I know that I have the competence it takes to act on a wider range of issues. Participating in the program has built my authority as a manager and as a person. In class discussions with teachers and participants I realized how much I actually do know, and it brought my own dormant strengths and capabilities to life.

How did the MBA affect your professional career?
It promoted my professional career and made it easier for me to take on greater responsibility. Immediately after graduation I moved on to a completely different and more senior position within Telenor. Before, I worked as a project manager for large strategic projects, now I am Head of Network Rollout and responsible for the entire network rollout of cellular and fiber-based networks in Norway.

What did your employer gain from your participation in the SSE MBA program?
I believe the strategic, financial and operational methodologies that I acquired during the program have proven valuable to the company.

What were the major strengths of the SSE MBA program, in your eyes?
The opportunity to work in teams with people from other backgrounds and industries, and to learn their different perspectives. In everyday life, you often deal mainly with people who share the same educational background and focus. Meeting people from other backgrounds and industries taught me to see how limited my own knowledge was. To me, that was a mind opener and I now place much more focus on building diverse teams, since I have learned how important it is to take in different perspectives during the decision making process

What would you say to someone considering an executive MBA?
Be prepared for the fact that an MBA will change you as a person and affect your professional life as well as your outlook on life. You'll grow as an individual, you'll reflect more, and get new perspectives on life.

The program will take up much of your time, but it's definitely worth it.