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We have listed the most common questions below. Should you have any further inquiries, please feel free to reach out to one of our Program Advisors.


What is the difference between the SSE MBA Executive Format and a Master of Science Program? ​
The main difference is that the SSE MBA Executive Format is a post-experience program. Participants are more advanced in their careers, while a Master of Science is a pre-experience program. Additionally, the Master program is a full-time program while the SSE MBA Executive Format is a part-time program for working professionals. Upon completion, graduates are awarded an MBA degree from the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). ​

Do you offer a full-time MBA program?
SSE do​es not offer a full-time MBA program. The school has made the strategic decision to focus on an MBA offered in an executive format rather than a full-time program. 


What are the requirements for applying to the SSE MBA Executive Format program?
Minimum requirements include a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution within higher education, a minimum of five years of relevant professional experience and commitment and support from the candidate’s employer. A high level of English proficiency is also required.

Why do I need to take a TOEFL test?
TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. As the SSE MBA Executive Format is conducted in English, candidates must have attained a high level of proficiency in the language of instruction.

Do you accept IELTS instead of TOEFL as a test of proficiency in English?
Yes, we accept the IELTS test.

Who is exempt from taking the TOEFL?
Candidates who speak English as their native language, or have studied at least one full year at university level in an accredited program conducted in English are exempt from English proficiency test requirements.

Where do I find information about where and when it is possible to take the TOEFL test?
For information about the test, regional testing locations and cost, please visit the following website: www.toefl.org


How do I apply to the SSE MBA Executive Format program?
Before you start the process at work for applying to the SSE MBA Executive Format, you fill in an eligibility form and upload your CV for us to review if you are qualified and fulfill our requirements to apply to the program, or not. You reach the eligibility form on the website under "Application & admission" and "Eligibility check" at the bottom of the page or to the right hand side. After a few days, you will receive an email from us stating whether you are qualified or unqualified. When qualified you will be able to continue and do the online application. If unqualified you will not be able to reach the application portal. 

When qualified you can fill in the online application and upload required documents. These are: your CV in English, an official copy of your degree and/or grade transcripts, a photo of yourself and a TOEFL or IELTS score. 

Pre-set reference requests are sent through the application. Two references are required, one of which from your closest manager or the HR-department (or senior manager) to consent to your commitment to the SSE MBA. The other to a person who knows you well in your professional capacity.

If you are self-employed or are applying on a more individual basis, you send both reference requests to persons who know you well in your professional capacity. Please note that references from relatives are not recommended.

The support from your employer is important for the time commitment to the program, but does not necessarily mean that they need to finance the program. 

Which documents are necessary?
To apply to the program, you must complete the on-line application and provide references, your CV, an official copy of your degree and/or grade transcripts, a photo of yourself and score from the TOEFL or IELTS test. 

What is the deadline for applying?
We have two deadlines for applying to the program start in December 2024. The deadlines are: April 30, 2024 and September 6, 2024.


Is there a tuition fee? If so, when must it be paid?

The tuition fee for SSE MBA Executive Format 2024 is SEK 645,000 (excluding VAT of 25%), when you pay the whole fee before the program start. If you chose to pay in installments over three calendar years the tuition fee is SEK 660,000 (excluding VAT of 25%). The fee includes tuition and teaching materials (not course literature) and is the same for all participants regardless of citizenship.

To find detailed information regarding the tuition fees and the payment structure for the different application deadlines, click here.

Does the government subsidize the SSE MBA Executive Format, as it does other higher education programs in Sweden?
SSE MBA Executive Format is not subsidized because it is not classified as full-time university studies.

Is the SSE MBA Executive Format tuition exempt from VAT?
For organizations in Sweden, VAT will be added to the tuition fee. Tuition fee paid by organizations outside Sweden is exempt from VAT. Organizations within the EU need to provide a VAT number. For individuals VAT will be added. VAT is 25 %.

What is the total cost of the program?
The tuition fee will be invoiced upon admission to the program. The tuition fee is SEK 645,000 (excluding VAT) and includes all literature and teaching materials. Additional expenses related to travel, travel insurance, food, accommodation or other boarding expenses are not included and must be covered by the participant or the participant´s organization. If you wish to do part payments the full tuition fee will be SEK 660,000 (excl. of VAT).

Does SSE have any scholarships for the SSE MBA Executive Format?
SSE offers a few scholarships with selected partners. Click here to find information on scholarships. However, because the program is designed for working professionals and all participants continue working full-time while pursuing their degree, the majority of the participants are financed by their employer. 


Do I need a visa to study the SSE MBA Executive Format?
If you are a citizen of a country that does not require a visa to enter into Sweden you can travel to Sweden and stay here for three months during one year, so no visa is required for the SSE MBA Executive Format. But, if you are from a country where visa is required to enter Sweden you need to apply for a visa at your local embassy.

Throughout the program, some modules will be held off the Stockholm campus. These modules may be located in areas and/or countries that require permits or visas in order to enter. Since our participants come from many different countries it is solely the participant’s responsibility to find out what is required in their specific case, and if necessary to apply for and to undertake any actions needed in order to obtain such permits or visas. 

What career services are provided by SSE?
It is important that you have your employer’s consent and support to study in the program, and that your employer understands the investment of time required for this purpose. Often an executive MBA is part of a career development plan agreed upon by you and your employer. The majority of the participants are financed by their current employer, which means career services are not required. In case a participant is self-funded additional career services can be offered. "Managing your career" is also an integral part of the Coaching program offered.

When are classes scheduled? Are classes held in the evening or during weekends?
The program is structured around ten full weeks of classes held approximately every sixth week in Stockholm or abroad. In-class learning is supported by digital content and extensive self-studies in between campus weeks. Classes are scheduled Monday-Friday with full days and evening activities during that week. All attendance is mandatory. Estimated time for digital content, self-studies and examination between program weeks is approximately 20 hours every week.

Is the program taught in English?
The program is held entirely in English.

Is it possible to study on-line?
No, SSE does not offer only online studies for the SSE MBA Executive Format. We believe in the meeting between people and learning through the network of top faculty and fellow participants from different industries and functions. However, digital content is an integrated part of the program with the purpose to support and enhance the learning in the class-room.