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FAQ – International applicants

Are you an international applicant? Here you find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about our Bachelor programs.


Do you offer exchange studies?

Yes. You can apply for an exchange semester at on of more than 100 top class universities abroad during your last year in our bachelor programs. Read more here.

How many students are enrolled every year?

Every year, approx. 300 students (Swedish and international students) are enrolled in the BSc in Business & Economics and approx. 60 students (Swedish and international students) are enrolled in the BSc in Retail Management.

Will all my courses be in English?

Yes, all SSE’s programs are given completely in English and English only for all students.

What help do you offer if I have special needs?

SSE provides different kinds of pedagogical support to students with permanent disabilities. Our goal is to ensure that all students can pursue their studies under the same conditions.

If you have a diagnosed disability and have special educational needs, SSE will provide help. Help will also be provided for reading and writing disabilities/dyslexia, neuropsychiatric disabilities and substantiated psychological difficulties.

Your educational needs, which must not be of a temporary nature, will be assessed individually.

For further information, please contact the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities at Academic Support and Records.

Please also read through the SSE Guidelines for Support to Students with Disabilities.

What can I work with after graduation?

SSE graduates are in high demand on the international job market. 95 % of our Bachelor students have a job with 3 months of graduation, while 83 % have a job before graduation.

A degree from SSE opens doors to a wide range of careers and advanced studies. SSE also has an excellent Career Management team that helps our students with career services.

Meet our graduates and read our employment reports here. Below are some examples of what our BSc graduates from the different programs do today:

Graduates from the BSc Program in Business and Economics:

  • Management Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Accountants
  • Marketing Managers
  • Controllers
  • Media Managers
  • Analysts

Graduates from the BSc Program in Retail Management:

  • Category Managers
  • Merchandise Managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Developers
  • Management Consultants
  • Analysts
  • Business Controllers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Managers
  • Customer Insight Analysts



What are the application requirements?

Our applications requirements are listed in full under “Application requirements” (blue section) on this page.

What GPA do I need to have?

You need a GPA (or other high school/upper secondary school grades) corresponding to 17 out of 20 in the Swedish upper secondary system to be eligible to apply. For IB diploma students, the requirement is an IB score of 33. 

Please note: admission is highly competitive and normally requires higher grades than the minimum requirement.

Our applications requirements including information about conversion of your grades can be found under “Application requirements” (blue section) on this page.

I have an IB diploma, what are the requirements?

You need a minimum IB average score of 33 to be eligible to apply. See the full list of requirements under “Application requirements” (blue section) on this page.

More useful information for you as an IB student can also be found on this page.

Do I need to do an SAT/ACT/TSA test and which score is required?

Yes. There is no cut-off minimum score for the tests but high score is favored. Your application will be assessed holistically, taking into consideration your High School diploma, your SAT/ACT/TSA results, and your CV.

More detailed information can be found under “Application requirements” (blue section) on this page.

How long is my SAT/ACT/TSA valid for?

We accept SAT/ACT/TSA test results that are up to five years old, from the date the test was taken.

Do I have to do English tests such as TOEFL or IELTS?

Only if you do not already meet the English 6 requirement. Please read the section "Specific subject requirement in your diploma: English" under  “Application requirements” (blue section) on this page.

What do you look for in the CV/resume?

Your CV/resume should include relevant experience, education, volunteer experience and extracurricular activities. Please note that we do not expect you to have an extended resume, but this is your opportunity to show us how you present yourself.

Do I need to write a motivational letter/personal statement?

No, you are not required to and should not include a motivational letter or personal statement in your application.


When is the application deadline?

Please find all important dates under “Application timeline & important dates” (pink section) on this page.

How should I apply?

Detailed instructions can be found under “How should I apply?” (green sections) on this page.

What happens after I have submitted my application?

Detailed information can be found in the section "Application Timeline" on this page.

I’m in my final year of high school and won’t have my grades before the application deadline. Can I still apply?

Yes. Students graduating from high school/upper secondary school the same year as the start of their SSE studies are welcome to apply but must upload a study plan including predicted grades and previous grades in the application. Exactly how this is done depends on which country you are from. Make sure to check what applies to your country on this page.

A study plan is something from your school (e.g. enrolment schedule) that shows what you are/will be studying the coming/final semester, to complete your Diploma. Preferably, this includes your predicted grades, but if not, we’ll use your current transcripts to estimate your final grades.

A limited number of conditional admissions will be offered to students graduating after the application deadline. You must complete your application with final grades and documents no later than by the date of enrolment in August.

Who can apply as an early bird?

If you have already finished your high school studies and have a complete diploma, you can choose to apply as an early bird applicant to get a quicker admission notification (second half of December instead of in April). See more information at the top of this page under "Application requirements & timeline".

First and Second Admission Rounds?

On UniversityAdmissions.se they write about two admissions rounds. That website belong to the Swedish Council for Higher Education, and we use them for part of the application process + conversion of foreign grades. Since they cover a nation-wide span of universities, their general information does not always reflect our university’s individual rules.

We do not have first and second admission rounds for international students, but instead, the timeline for international students applying to SSE is to be found here.

If you have Swedish proficiency you might want to apply in the national admissions round instead. Read more in other answers below.

Can I apply in more than one application round?

No, you can only apply in either the international or the national application round. Read more about the national application round for the BSc program you are interested in here:

BSc in Business & Economics
BSc in Retail Management

I have a Swedish citizenship, but studied outside of Sweden. Should I apply as an international student?

If you have studied outside of Sweden and have a non-Swedish upper secondary diploma, you can apply in the round for international applicants. This round is open from October 16, 2023 to January 15, 2024.

It is also possible to apply with foreign merits in the round for Swedish applicants, but please note that the requirements differ. For example, you must have Swedish proficiency. If you want to apply for the BSc program in Business & Economics (not required for the BSc in Retail Management) you must also have completed the modern language requirement (having studied a third language besides Swedish and English).

If you do not have Swedish in your high school studies, but are fluent in Swedish – you can take the TISUS test to meet the requirement on Swedish 3. Read more about this test here.

Please note: You can only apply in one of the application round. Read more about the international application round here. Read more about the national application round for the BSc program you are interested in here:

BSc in Business & Economics
BSc in Retail Management

Can I apply via “Alternative Admission” (“Alternativt urval”) or “Special Merits” (”Särskilda meriter”) as an international student?

No, this is only possible in the round for Swedish applicants. More information in Swedish can be found here.

Can I transfer from another University?

No, unfortunately not. We do not allow for transfers, or transfers of credit, and only provide our BSc programs in their entirety (3 years full-time studies).

Can I be re-admitted to SSE's BSc programs?

No, you cannot be re-admitted if you have previously deregistered from a BSc program at SSE without completing a degree.

Also, you cannot be admitted to another BSc program at SSE if you are currently enrolled in a BSc program at SSE.

For more detailed information, please see page 13 in the Student Handbook.


Do I have to pay a tuition fee?

This depends on which citizenship you have:

  • EU/EEA/Swiss citizens
    Citizens of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland are not required to pay tuition fees, so our programs are free of charge.

  • Non-EU/EEA citizens
    Non-EU/EEA citizens are generally required to pay tuition fees (120,000 SEK per year for the BSc programs). There are however some exceptions to this general rule.

    There are SSE scholarships you can apply for if you are a non-EU/EEA/Swiss student who have to pay the tuition fee.

    Find out more about tuition fees and scholarships on this page.

Do I have to pay an application fee?

SSE does not charge any application fee.

However, UniversityAdmissions.se charges a small application fee of 900 SEK depending on which citizenship you have. In general, individuals who are citizens of countries outside of EU/EEA/Switzerland are required to pay application and tuition fees. There are however some exceptions to this general rule. Read more here.

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes. If you are a EU/EEA/Swiss student, then our programs are tuition free. If you are a student from outside of those areas, we offer several scholarships to help you cover the tuition fee. Please read more about the different BSc scholarships on this page.


Do you offer student accommodation/housing?

At SSE we have an housing office that offers rooms and apartments to as many of our international Bachelor students, Master studens, incoming exchange students, PhD students, guest researchers and visitors affiliated with SSE. Read more about accommodation/housing through SSE here.

We also recommend that you ask our international students about housing or anything else you might be wondering about. Chat with them and read their blog posts here.

Study in Sweden also offers useful information here.


What is it like to live and study in Sweden?

Read SSE’s guide for international students here.

We also recommend that you ask our international students about living and studying in Sweden. Chat with them and read their blog posts here.

Study in Sweden also offers useful information here.


What is the cost of living in Stockholm?

Study in Sweden offers useful information about the cost of living here.

We also recommend that you ask our international students about the cost of living or anything else you might be wondering about. Chat with them and read their blog posts here.

How is the student life at SSE?

SSE has the best student life in the world - if you ask our students! There is something for everyone at SSE, regardless of your interests or background. Here you can enjoy a vibrant and international student life where countless exciting opportunities await you. Read more here.