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Program structure: Bachelor Program in Business & Economics

The Bachelor Program in Business & Economics is a 3 year (180 ECTS credits) Bachelor/undergraduate program fully in English.

Before the start of the program

In the weeks before the actual start of the program, we offer a unique 24-hour crash course in happiness and wellbeing at SSE's conference centre outside of Stockholm. The course is led by Micael Dahlen, Professor of Wellness, Welfare and Happiness at SSE. By integrating wellbeing into your academic and professional development, we hope that you as a student will help create a more sustainable and healthier world, both for yourself, your future colleagues and society. Because this is what economics is fundamentally about – welfare, wellbeing, and happiness. 

Before you enroll, we also offer a preparatory Mathematics course as well as "Welcome to Swedish", a popular introductory course for international students who wish to familiarize themselves with the Swedish language and culture (even though all programs at SSE are taught in English).

Semester 1-3: Mandatory courses

Semesters 1-3 consist of mandatory courses in a wide range of areas to give you a solid foundation for your future career.

Semester 4-6: Specializations, Electives, BSc Thesis & Possibility for Exchange Semester or Internship

In semester 4-6, you choose at least one specialization and combine with separate electives.

In semester 5 or 6, you also have excellent possibilities to go on an exchange semester at one of our more than 100 prestigious partner universities around the world.

In semester 5, you have the opportunity to do a 16-week internship fully in English. The internship is an elective course that you apply for. It is done in combination with two other elective courses at SSE. The internship and the exchange semester cannot be combined.

You also write your Bachelor thesis in semester 5 or 6.

Electives: CIVICA Engage Track

The CIVICA Engage Track is a European multi-campus, interdisciplinary experience with a focus on civic engagement. It leads to a certificate and can be taken as an elective in Semester 4-6 for students in the BSc Program in Business & Economics. Courses are taken both at SSE and at one of our partner universities:

  • Bocconi University, Italy
  • Sciences Po, France
  • London School of Economics, UK
  • IE Business School, Spain
  • Central European University, Austria
  • SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

Read more about CIVICA Engage Track on this page. Here is also a direct link to the course list for your convenience.

Electives: Internship Training

  • Internship Training
    You can apply for this 16 week internship course. The internship is fully in English and is done in Semester 5 together with writing your Bachelor's thesis or two other elective courses.