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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of prominent members of the Swedish business community and advises the School on the strategy of the Corporate Partnership Program.

Chairperson of the Board

Marie Ehrling

"It is important that the Swedish business community supports SSE. SSE is a school of high international standards and it is essential that we ensure that it continues to be. Therefore, I hope that more companies choose to engage with the school, both traditional and new corporations. SSE needs all the support it can get. The school is of great importance for innovation and growth, as well as the image of Sweden internationally. I think SSE shows great ability to adapt and innovate in the rapid changing business environment that we live in today."

chairperson, axel johnson ab

Caroline BergCaroline Berg

"SSE is a unique school. For us at Axel Johnson, we find it positive and rewarding to be able to contribute to the development of SSE. It is always inspiring to meet and collaborate with the students and capture their thoughts on our business activities."

FOUNDER, burenstam & partners ab and Proactivemedicine AB

Mariana Burenstam Linder

"I am convinced that a competitive education is what makes the difference for a country's development. SSE plays an important role for Sweden, which needs a school with a high international standard with the ability to attract the best students." 

founder & ceo, zettle ab

Jacob De Geer

"SSE is Sweden’s leading institution for business and economics and has a very good international reputation. I myself have a degree from SSE and have greatly benefited from this. As the founder of Zettle, I have gained a broad digital knowledge which I am glad to share with the Advisory Board and to the school as a whole."


Magnus Groth

“SSE is a leading business school that attracts top students from Sweden and many other countries. As a Corporate Partner to SSE, Essity gains access to this talent as well as cutting-edge research and innovation. This is essential to stay ahead in our fast-paced and dynamic market environment. I also see this partnership as a great opportunity to make Essity known as an attractive employer for the students, and in the longer term as a future business partner to SSE alumni in senior positions.”

CFO, investor ab

Helena Saxon

"The quality and ambition of SSE is important for the development of future leaders, both corporate and political, which in turn ensures the competitiveness of Sweden and its business community. Investor, and our portfolio companies recruit from the SSE and we are proud to support the school in its further development as a leading European business school."

Partner, Atomico

Joen Bonnier

Joen Bonnier is a Partner at Atomico and has a deep understanding of the dynamics of family business. He has experience in the media and Internet sectors, in which he has worked for 15 years both in Europe and Asia.

Joen has held senior positions with Berstelmann and Bonnier Group in Scandinavia, New york and China.