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2017 AFSSE Scholarship recipient

Our first scholarship student, Daisy Garcia, was admitted to the Masters in International Business Program in 2017. She has now completed her two years at SSE and is a proud SSE alum!
"I believe learning is a life-long process, and I wanted to build upon the foundation I established during my Applied Mathematics and Environmental Economics and Policy Bachelor programs at UC Berkeley. I decided to pursue a Master’s program at SSE to gain a new perspective on international business and challenge myself further."
Daisy Garcia,
2017 AFSSE Scholarship recipient

Fall 2019 Update

For the past few months I have been working with an early stage Venture Capital company (VC) in Stockholm. I started working with them part time over the Spring term and upon graduating from SSE joined them fulltime. I spent my summer working to immerse myself in the dynamic start-up ecosystem and learn more about venture capital. I have gained insights into building companies from my colleagues, angel investors, VCs and entrepreneurs both inside the office at investment meetings and at ecosystem events like Stockholm Pitch Meetups, SUP46’s Femtech series and Sthlm Tech Fest. I truly enjoy working in VC—from talking to entrepreneurs and learning why they started their businesses, to reading about new technologies and forming opinions on where industries may head to being a part of great networks such as Women in VC.

It has now been approximately six months since graduating from SSE, and as I reflect on my time at the school, I cannot adequately express how thankful I am to the American Friends of SSE for sponsoring my education.

Over these past two years, I have tried to take advantage of my time at SSE, whether that is inside or outside the classroom. I have taken on interesting business projects such as helping Nestle optimize their supply chain to reduce food waste to helping a fintech craft their growth strategy. I have travelled to Latvia, Finland, India, Uganda and Switzerland through my program of study to foster an understanding of international business through exchanges, business projects and international field trips. I have been actively involved in student associations such as Master Club, CEMS club and the Entrepreneurship society which have all enriched my time at SSE. Most importantly, I have built relationships that span borders with classmates, faculty and alumni both inside the classroom and outside at banquets, retreats and school events. Graduating from SSE is bittersweet, but I know as this door closes, several more open.

While I am currently working in Stockholm, I am planning on moving back to the US by the end of the year. I am seeking analyst opportunities within VC, hedge funds and banks in NY and California. As I leave Stockholm, I do so with more direction with regards to my career, a world class education, a supportive network and a strong appreciation for Scandinavia.

To the American students that plan on applying to SSE and the AFSSE scholarship, I would advise to do so because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I look forward to the coming years as an alum of SSE and all that this new chapter will bring.



Fall 2018 update

After finishing my first year at SSE in Stockholm, I flew to Kampala Uganda for my summer internship with Jumia Group. They are a company similar to Amazon and are the only unicorn in Africa. It was exciting working in the online delivery space, especially in a dynamic, emerging market.

My internship duties consisted of data analysis, strategy development, and marketing for the Food and Travel departments. I was also able to work in Rwanda and Kenya, which were genuinely eye-opening experiences. I gained many insights into business and culture in East Africa and learned that I would enjoy working in the online delivery space.

During my internship, I was able to implement many theories from my first year, primarily from courses such as Strategic Marketing and Creating International Firms. If it wasn’t for my programs business trip to Uganda, I don’t think I would have applied to companies in East Africa.

After completing my internship, I had two weeks to reflect on my first academic year and the summer before beginning my exchange semester in India.

I am now studying at the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta, where I am taking a range of courses such as Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Country Risk Analysis. My favorite course thus far is Management of Self, which is a personal development class. In addition to a challenging academic term, I am also looking forward to yoga, South Indian dance classes, trekking the Himalayas, and getting to know my peers at IIMC.

I am grateful to everyone at AFSSE for helping me throughout my summer internship search and supporting my academic and personal development.

2017 Interview with Daisy Garcia

Our first scholarship student, Daisy Garcia, was admitted to the Masters in International Business Program and exemplifies all of the qualities we seek to honor with our support. She is currently thriving in her first term at SSE, and with the background of dual B.A. degrees in Applied Mathematics and Environmental Economics from the University of California Berkley, as well as development work and travel that took her to over 55 countries, she brings new perspectives to her classmates and coursework in Stockholm.

Daisy recently shared some of her thoughts on attending SSE and her adjustment to life in Stockholm during an interview. We hope you will take a minute or two to read these details! They provide great insight into how important our Scholarship Fund, and collective support of it, is for the future of SSE!

Why do you think SSE would be the perfect place for your career?

My program combines theory with hands-on application, like business projects in Riga, fieldwork in Uganda, and an exchange semester in India, my CEMS home country. This combination was the main reason for choosing SSE as the program offers many unique international opportunities.

What strikes you about the school, Stockholm, and Sweden in general?

I believe SASSE, the student union, as a group is such a powerhouse! They create such a warm and fun environment, which is of great contrast to what I experienced in the United States. Stockholm is a very environmentally-friendly city and the public transportation is amazing, especially compared to Los Angeles.

What is your favorite part of Swedish culture?

I really like the ‘sittnings’! I attended two here in Sweden and one back in the U.S., and I really just love the camaraderie, the singing and having a good time with friends and classmates.

What do you plan to do after your studies?

I plan to work with a microchip-processing company, as I feel like microchips will be ubiquitous in the future. There are already examples of them being used in healthcare, for example at Stanford they are used in patients to monitor glucose levels. And there’s also a company in Stockholm that has micro-chipped their employees for efficiency purposes. Additionally, I would also like to be an entrepreneur and apply what I will learn from the ‘Initiate’ pre-incubator program here.

Daisy also expressed her belief that the AFSSE Scholarship is helping her experience new perspectives in new fields. She has seen firsthand that SSE greatly benefits from a diverse academic community, with 19 nationalities represented in her class alone this year, where students from a wide range of backgrounds can learn from each other. Many of them would be unable to attend SSE without a scholarship, including Daisy.

She is grateful for our support and sees that she would have to work two or three jobs to help her get through her program, which as SSE graduates ourselves, we know would be tremendously difficult given the intensity of the programs!

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