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Tyrstrup, Mats

Leading Health Care

Essentially, my mind is engaged in an endeavor to understand how, why and when cooperation among humans with some kind of purpose is possible. Due to my background in business administration, effectiveness and efficiency issues are some of the aspects studied . They are, however, interpreted in a broad sense (including, for example, the well-being of organization members or participants). This obviously leads me to a variety of theoretical, as well as empirical, considerations. My main focus is on the leadership and organizing of complex endeavors or value creation. However, areas such as culture and communication within that kind of settings are also of interest. As is theories on the formation of human behavior in general, along with theories about society and reality as such.

I have a particular interest in the healthcare sector and the education system. Recently, I finished an empirical project concerned with the support of children suffering from neuropsychiatric diagnoses, in their schoolwork. I have also worked on a new philosophy for the design of rehabilitation of patients suffering from cancer.

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