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Reuter, Marek

Assistant Professor
Department of Accounting

Marek Reuter joined the Department of Accounting in 2019 as an Assistant Professor and is an affiliated researcher at the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (MISUM). He earned his PhD from the University of Innsbruck which was awarded with the Wallander scholarship for outstanding dissertation. 

Marek’s research primarily focuses on the institutionalization and organizational and societal implications of contemporary social and environmental accounting frameworks. He has, for example, studied the political nature of sustainability reporting standard setting or the nexus between environmental management practices and conceptions of responsible organizational 'Self'. His research approach is strongly coined by qualitative methods and constructivist methodology.

Marek has taught courses in the area of management control, cost accounting, and reflexivity in context of the business school. He has broad experience in supervising theses on the Bachelor's and Master's level and is currently supervising a PhD thesis on sustainable supply chain governance practices.

Current teaching:

NDH301 – Management Control for Retail Management (Course Director)

BEE003 – The B&E Reflection Series

Selected ongoing research projects:

Füchtenhans, S., Li, R., Reuter, M., Strömsten, T.: Getting comfortable with climate scenarios: A study on making the TCFD scenario analysis auditable.

Dong, T., Reuter, M., Strömsten, T.: Analyzing TCFD compliance - Towards a consideration of competence.

Lu, Y., Reuter, M., Strömsten, T.: From Minimum Wage to ‘Living Wage’: A Study on the Social Re-Construction of Wage Scope in the Global Fast Fashion Supply Chain.

Messner, M., Reuter, M., Strömsten, T.: Constructing responsible actorhood in transnational supply chains.

Reuter, M.: The managerial turn in environmental regulation and conceptions of responsible corporate 'Self': An organizational identity perspective.

Reuter, M.: An internal perspective on processes of social and environmental accounting legitimation.

Research publications:

Reuter, M., Messner, M.: Lobbying on the integrated reporting framework: An analysis of comment letters to the 2011 discussion paper of the IIRC. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Vol. 28 No. 3, pp. 365-402. [Link]

Goretzki, L., Reuter, M., Sandberg, J., Thulin, G.: Making sense of employee satisfaction measurement - A technological frames of reference perspective. The British Accounting Review, in press. [Link]

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