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Nguyen, Huong Ngoc Lan

Besides being a PhD student, I am a consumer. Similar to many of us, I want to be a sustainable consumer. However, we do not always do what we want. Sometimes, we get lost in translation. Sometimes, we make random choices. What if these seemingly random choices are predictable?

My PhD works set out to understand and predict the dynamic patterns of (sustainable) consumer behaviors from behavioral data – what the consumers did. I suppose learning from behavioral data with statistical models would yield further insights to the current literature, which usually infers from attitudinal data – what the consumers say. Furthermore, dynamic models offer a unique advantage that allows managers to (1) understand the change in consumer behaviors with quantifiable (un)certainty and (2) derive optimal marketing strategies to target the right consumers with the right tools at the right time.

Our works on predicting the value orientations and dietary shift from grocery purchases have been accepted/presented at European Marketing Academy 2021 and 2021 Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Analytics.

My research interests:

  • Sustainable consumption/consumer behavior
  • Marketing Analytics/Dynamic segmentation/Stochastic models

Not as formal, I am also interested in nutrition and training, which aligns with a sustainable diet. One day I thought to myself, why not combine them?