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Kallifatides, Markus

I have been a teacher at the SSE since 1996, regularly responsible for introductory courses in organization and management theory in the school’s bachelor program. On the doctoral level, I teach Organization Theory, and  Corporate Governance, all with an eye to wider social science; heterodox economics, world-systems theory, and cultural political economy.

After studying business administration, economics, French, philosophy and political science at the University of Linköping, and psychology at the University of Stockholm, I completed a M.Sc. at the Stockholm School of Economics in 1995, where have I have stayed, since 2013 as Matts Carlgren Associate Professor of Management.

I recently reported on a research grant (2013-2016) awarded by the Torsten Söderberg Foundation to pursue research into the theme of institutional investor corporate ownership. Working with Sophie Nachemson-Ekwall, Mikael Ehne and Anna Larsson, this implies a continuation on the broad theme of 'Corporate Governance in Financial Capitalism'; an effort to understand transformed and transforming conditions for corporate governance in the context of unrestricted capital movement, hedge funds and the like, and prevailing ideologies of governance. This research has spun into a deepened interest in the 'financialization' of our economy and society, a theme currently explored together with Claes Belfrage, Univ. of Liverpool.

I have also recently participated in a major empirical study of corporate board practice in the Nordic countries, working with Sven-Erik Sjöstrand. All these efforts on the theme of corporate governance implies a move into new intellectual territory, after having pursued the thematic of my dissertation work which resulted in the award-winning thesis, Modern företagsledning och omoderna företagsledare (Eng. Modern management and Not-so-modern managers) 2002. The thesis was based on a four-year observation study of a single company and its top management team in particular. My research entailed critical, interpretative work on ongoing top management practices from the standpoint of the history of ideas and social structures. My first research efforts were conducted within the GLOBE-project, an international comparative study of leadership. After my dissertation those materials were elaborated and new empirical investigations were presented in four sequel anthologies, one jointly edited, and three edited by Daniel Ericsson, then at Linneaus University.
Together with Niklas Zandén of the University of Gothenburg, I have since long also developed a research interest for ‘the role of the corporation in global relations’, including notions of corporate social responsibility.