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Ivanova, Mariya

Assistant Professor
Department of Accounting

Mariya Ivanova joined the Department of Accounting in September 2017. She holds a PhD in Business Administration and Management (major Financial Accounting) from Bocconi University, Milan, Italy and MSc in Accounting from Northern Illinois University, IL, USA. Her research interests lie at the intersection of financial reporting, corporate governance, financial fraud, and debt contracting. Prior to joining the Department, she was a lecturer in Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis at Bocconi University and spent a term as a visiting researcher at the London School of Economics, London, UK. 

Mariya's current research projects are broadly related to two main research themes:  i) the effects of corporate governance on firm behavior and outcomes; and ii) financial reporting and governance of firms operating in the extractive industries (mining and oil and gas). Since September 2017, Mariya is a recipient of the Tore Browaldhs foundation fellowship. 


Financial Reporting, Accounting for the Extractive Industries, Corporate Governance, Debt Contracting, Corporate Social Responsibility


  • NDH302 - Accounting
  • NDH676 - Retail clubs & Tutorials


Corporate bankruptcy and directors’ reputation: an empirical analysis of the effects on public debt contracts, 2021, with S. Gatti and G. Pündrich, Forthcoming in Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance

The Effects of Board Interlocks with an Allegedly Fraudulent Company on Audit Fees", 2020, with A. Prencipe, Forthcoming in Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance

"Extractive Industries Reporting: A Review of Accounting Challenges and the Research Literature", 2019, with S. Gray and N. Hellman, in Abacus


"Corporate Risk Management and COVID-19", 2020, in Sweden Through the Crisis 

"Board Interlocks and Reputation Spillover Effects: An Analysis of Financial Reporting Policies", 2016, in Academy of Management Proceedings


Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery: Directors’ and CEOs’ Prior Bankruptcy Experiences and the Financial Risk of their Current Firms” with Henrik Nilsson (SSE) and Milda Tylaite (SSE), R&R at Journal of Business Finance and Accounting

Financial Statement Comparability in the Extractive Industry: International Evidence” with Niclas Hellman (SSE), and Zeping Pan (SSE)

"Does More Liability Mean More Responsibility?The Effects of Director Liability in Financial Institutions" with Annalisa Prencipe (Bocconi University), Milda Tylaite (SSE), and Antonio Vazquez (SSE)

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