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Ingram Bogusz, Claire

Claire Ingram Bogusz is an Associate Professor (docent) at the Institution for Informatics and Media at Uppsala University, as well as an Affiliated Research at the House of Innovation.

She has a background in Law, Philosophy and Economics, and conducts research into how code-based technologies (e.g. code itself, digital platforms, machine learning, and digital automation) change how we work, how organising occurs, and what these things mean for us as individuals and as members of increasingly polarised and unequal societies.

Her particular areas of competence are in understanding digital markets, digital entrepreneurship, and financial technologies. She has taught, among other things, Digital Strategy, FinTech Entrepreneurship, Data-Driven Decision Making, Co-Creation, and Digital Ethics.

She is an Associate Professor (docent) in Information Systems at Uppsala University.

You can find her on Twitter (@Claire_EBI),  Google Scholar or  ClaireBogusz.com


Recent publications:

Sandström, C., Laurel, C., and Ingram Bogusz, C. (2021) Beyond the Bubble: Is the Blockchain crowding out Crowdfunding, or converging on a new ICO standard? IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (forthcoming)

Larsson, S., Ingram Bogusz, C., & Schwartz, J.A. (Eds) (2020) Human-Centred AI in the EU: Trustworthiness as a strategic priority in the European Member States. European Liberal Forum: Brussels.

Ingram Bogusz, C. (2019). “Digital Identity – beyond verification: To a transparent (decentralized) system for data and identity monitoring and control” in Digital Transformation and Public Services: Societal Impacts in Sweden and Beyond, Teigland, R and Larsson, A. Routledge: London.

Andersen, J.V. and Ingram Bogusz, C. (2019) Self-Organising in Blockchain Infrastructures: Generativity through Shifting Objectives and Forking. Journal of the Association for Information Systems 20(9), p. 247-265.

Teigland, R., Siri, S., Larsson, A., Puertas, A. M., & Ingram Bogusz, C. (Eds) (2018). The Rise and Development of FinTech: Accounts of Disruption from Sweden and Beyond. Routledge: London.

Ingram Bogusz, C., Teigland, R, and Vaast, E. (2018) Designed Entrepreneurial Legitimacy: The Case of a Swedish Crowdfunding Platform. European Journal of Information Systems 28(3), p.318-335.

Ingram Bogusz, C. and Morisse, M. (2018) How Infrastructures Anchor Open Entrepreneurship: The Case of Bitcoin and Stigma. Information Systems Journal 28(6), p.1176-1212

Andersen, J.V. and C. Ingram Bogusz (2017) Patterns of Self-Organising in the Bitcoin Online Community: Code Forking as Organising in Digital Infrastructure. AIS eLibrary.