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Chimenti, Gianluca

Postdoc Fellow
Center for Retailing

Gianluca Chimenti’s research focuses on the dynamic effects of market change in the context of the sharing economy. This phenomenon is of particular interest since it concerns how alternative market forms are challenging established market conceptions. Empirically, the project addresses emerging shared mobility platforms (ride sharing, car sharing, etc.) and follows their attempts to reconfigure extant market orders within the Swedish transportation sector. This includes, but is not limited to, the examination of conceptual controversies concerning what “the sharing economy” is, the changing roles of public actors, and incumbent car manufacturers’ re-invention of business models in response to increased interest in shared mobility. One of the studies has been recently published in Consumption Markets & Culture.

Link: Conceptual Controversies within ride sharing in Sweden

As a German native, Gianluca believes in the Humboldtian model of higher education (Humboldtsches Bildungsideal) that follows a credo of combining research, practice and teaching. He follows his passion for teaching in numerous courses, such as Marketing Management and Shaping Global Markets (a course about how markets change, both as a result of intentional market shaping efforts and as an unintended consequence of doing business.) 

In his free time, you can probably find him either breakdancing or biking. On a good day, he speaks six languages.