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Pernilla Bolander is Docent and Assistant Professor at the Department of Management and Organization at SSE. Her research focuses on HR-processes such as talent management, performance management, promotion and employee selection. Specifically, she is interested in how HR-processes are carried out in practice, how employees are categorized and quantified through various HR-processes, and how HR-processes shape employees’ understandings of themselves, their work, their careers and the organizations they work for. She also studies first-time managers in the context of everyday work. Her work has been published in e.g. Organization Studies, Management Learning, Personnel Review and Industrial Marketing Management. For an updated list of publications, see Google Scholar.

Pernilla has been involved in teaching at all levels, mainly within the areas of research methods, organizational change, human resource management, and organization theory. She has received the “Teacher of the Year” award, as well as the award for “Outstanding Pedagogical Achievements”.