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Björkman Nyqvist, Martina

Associate Professor
Department of Economics

Short presentation:

Martina Björkman Nyqvist joined the department in 2011 and before that she was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics (IGIER affiliate) at Bocconi University in Milan. 

Martina is an affiliate of J-Pal and a CEPR Research Fellow.

Research interests and projects:

Her research interests include development economics, health economics, and education.

She is currently conducting research projects in Uganda and India.

Download most recent CV here.

Published papers:

Reducing Child Mortality in the Last Mile: Experimental Evidence on Community Health Promoters in Uganda, 2018, forthcoming American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. (Joint with Andrea Guariso, Jakob Svensson and David Yanagizawa-Drott). 

Incentivizing Safer Sexual Behavior: Evidence from a Lottery Experiment on HIV Prevention, 2018, forthcoming American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. (Joint with Lucia Corno, Damien de Walque, and Jakob Svensson). 

Mothers Care More, But Fathers Decide: Educating Parents about Child Health in Uganda, 2017, American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, 107(5): 496–500. (with Seema Jayachandran).

Experimental Evidence of the Long-Run Impact of Community Based Monitoring, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2017, 9(1): pp 33-69. (with Damien de Walque and Jakob Svensson).

Income Shocks and Gender Gaps in Education: Evidence from Uganda, Journal of Development Economics, 2013, 105: pp 237-253.
(featured in The Economist, Nov. 2013)

When is Community-Based Monitoring Effective? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Primary Health in Uganda, Journal of European Economic Association, 2010, 8:2-3: 571-581 (with Jakob Svensson)

Power to the People: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment on Community-Based Monitoring in Uganda, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2009, 124:2: 735–769 (with Jakob Svensson)
Supplemental Online Appendix

“High Maternal Mortality in Jigawa State, Northern Nigeria, Estimated Using the Sisterhood Method”, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 2017, 17:163 (with Jessica Leight and Vandana Sharma).

“Illness recognition, decision-making and care-seeking for maternal and newborn complications: A qualitative study in Jigawa State, Northern Nigeria”, Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 2017, 36(Suppl 1):46 (with Vandana Sharma, Jessica Leight, Fatima AbdulAziz, and Nadège Giroux)

Book chapter:

Local Accountability Improves Health Services, in T. Besley and R. Jayaraman (eds.), 2010, Institutional Microeconomics of Development, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts (with Ritva Reinikka and Jakob Svensson)

Working papers:

Can Good Products Drive Out Bad? Evidence from Local Markets for (Fake?) Antimalarial Medicine in Uganda, 2012, CEPR Discussion Paper Series No. 9114 (with Jakob Svensson and David Yanagizawa-Drott)
(featured in NY Times Fixes blog, June 2014)

Preferences Versus Bargaining Power: The Effects of Targeting Mothers or Fathers to Improve Child Health, 2017, unpublished working paper, (with Seema Jayachandran).

Community Health Educators and Maternal Health: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial, 2017, unpublished working paper (with Jessica Leight and Vandana Sharma).

The Effects of Poverty and Information on Human Trafficking in the Philippines (Joint with Elsa Artadi and Eliana La Ferrara)

Ongoing field projects:

Scaling-up the Living Goods/BRAC entrepreneurial Community Health Worker model in Uganda (with Andrea Guariso and Jakob Svensson).
Female Political Representation and its Impact in Uganda (with Siwan Anderson and Andrea Guariso)

Children's schooling and community engagement - an evaluation of Pratham in Assam, India

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