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Sports/Literary Agenda Talk: Noa Bachner and his new book Den sista utposten

On September 27, the Center for Sports & Business had the pleasure of hosting Noa Bachner, distinguished sports journalist from Swedish newspaper Expressen, at SSE. Bachner discussed his latest book, "Den Sista Utposten" (The Last Outpost), in an event jointly organised by SSE Sport Initiative and SSE Literary Agenda.

During a captivating fireside chat, featuring Nick Andersson, Director for Internationalisation and Government Relations at the Center for Sports and Business, and Noa Bachner, sports journalist from Swedish newspaper Expressen, a lively exchange unfolded. Engaging with an enthusiastic audience consisting of students, faculty and external guests, the conversation delved into topics such as the enduring legacy of amateurism, the underlying forces driving American venture capitalism, the significance of the 51%-rule, VAR as a reflection of a football nation's identity, and the principles of member democracy. 

In his new book "The Last Outpost", Noa Bachner portrays the story of how Sweden has today taken a unique position in global football. While club democracy has given way to private ownership in large parts of Europe, it stands stronger in Sweden than in a long time. Here, unlike England or France, where American investment firms or state investment funds from the Middle East have become majority owners in many clubs, it is still the club members who hold the reins. Similarly, Sweden is one of the few countries that remain outside of VAR (i.e, video assistant referee). The fireside chat thoughtfully explored the reasons behind Sweden's exceptional status in these regards and pondered on the prospects for its continuation. It also delved into the multifaceted role that football plays in contemporary society and the insights that Swedish football history offers for the future. 

Following the engaging discussions, Noa Bachner signed copies of the book in the Atrium, allowing both students and staff to acquire a copy of his work. 

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