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House of Innovation research article certified among journal’s top cited papers

Research authored by House of Innovation researchers has recently been certified by the Journal of Product Innovation Management as a top cited article. Congratulations to these researchers!

The research article, entitled “State‐of‐the‐Art: The Quality of Case Study Research in Innovation Management,” focused on the area of innovation management. Specifically, it investigated the usage and quality of case study research within the area.

In a comprehensive meta-analysis, this article presented a review of all the research articles published in five top journals over 20 years (1997–2016). Case study research accounted for 818 of the published articles in this period (12%).

The researchers developed an evaluation template to objectively assess these 818 articles against 10 quality criteria. It was found that the quality of case study research has often been low, although it has improved over time. Similarly, quality was found to fluctuate both within and between the different innovation journals. This indicates that the peer review process for case study research is not as robust as it should be.

Congratulations to Pär Åhlström, Mattia Bianchi, Anders Richtnér, and Keith Goffin whose work generated immediate impact and visibility in the academic community. Keep up the good work!

House of Innovation Innovation Journal Paper Publication Award