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Researchers at the Department of Economics receive funding

Robert Östling, Ulrika Ahrsjö, Chloe Nibourel and Mark Voorneveld, at the Department of Economics at SSE, receive funding for their respective research projects.

Professor Robert Östling receive SEK 4 533 000 from Vetenskapsrådet for the project “Wealth Effects: Networks and Externalities” that is joint with Professor Erik Lindqvist at Stockholm University.

“Erik Lindqvist at Stockholm University and I plan to study the effect of lottery winnings on the winners' immediate surroundings, such as family members, neighbours, and colleagues, and on society at large. We believe this research is important to get a better sense of the total effect of wealth, which in turn is an important input when designing policies, for example the tax and transfer system.” 

 - Robert Östling, SSE

Postdoc Ulrika Ahrsjö receive a Wallander Scholarship of SEK 2 010 000 for the project “Empirical Studies on Labor Market Inequality and the Criminal Justice System”.

PhD Student Chloe Nibourel receive € 23 600 from CIVICA for the project “Local democracy and state power: Immigrant inclusion or marginalization? (LocalDem)” joint with Roberto Galbiati at Sciences Po and Mitch Downey at the IIES.

“We are delighted to launch the LocalDem project where we seek to explore the links between politics and policing at the local level since 2000. Nearly all European democracies face the challenge of fighting crime without further marginalizing low-income, minority, or immigrant groups. Here, we propose to explore how a greater police presence combined with greater local accountability affects social dynamics. Specifically, we will study the effects of recent expansions of municipal police departments in France on a wide range of demographics, crime rates and political opinions.”

 - Chloe Nibourel, SSE

Associate Professor Mark Voorneveld receive grant from the CIVICA project EquiLearn.

”The CIVICA project EquiLearn is broadly about algorithms for strategic agents who over time adjust behavior to get closer to good outcomes of a game. One central goal is to enhance traditional tools to compute or approximate desirable outcomes with modern machine learning tools and use evolutionary models for survival-of-the-fittest algorithms.”

- Mark Voorneveld, SSE

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