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New book by Rikard Westerberg

Explore the 1980s Swedish wage earner funds controversy with Rikard Westerberg's new book. Join us on October 4th in Stockholm for the release event.

Dr. Rikard Westerberg, an economist and historian at the Stockholm School of Economics, has released a new book in Swedish. The book explores a pivotal moment in Swedish political history—the introduction of wage earner funds in the early 1980s. This reform aimed to democratize the workplace but faced strong opposition from the Swedish business community, culminating in a significant conflict.

To commemorate the book's release, a launch event is scheduled for October 4th in Stockholm. Attendees can purchase tickets to the release party here. Westerberg's work provides a comprehensive examination of the historical events that led to the divergence between social democracy and the business world in Sweden, marking his debut with publisher Fri Tanke.

Buy a copy of the book here.