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Paolo Velásquez Post Doc researcher at the Center for Responsible Leadership

I joined the Center for Responsible Leadership (CRL) in September 2023 and I am currently involved in two projects: ‘Migrants in Recruitment Processes’ and ‘MERITA: Migrants’ integration in EU countries: for a selected few only?’ which is a collaboration with researchers from the CIVICA alliance.  

The former deals with identifying the discourses related to the exclusion of migrants from being hired. Migrants are consistently underemployed, and we seek to understand and explain why this is the case by looking at recruitment processes from start to finish in different organizations.  

The latter is an interdisciplinary endeavor to investigate how merits are defined in immigrant integration and inclusion in the EU. By taking an interdisciplinary approach, spanning Law, Political Science, Sociology, Management, and Economics, we aim to develop work packages that examine how different actors (organizations, public opinion, nation state) view merits in relation to immigrant integration and to what extent these merits (e.g., education, work experience) are seen as criteria for ‘successful integration.’ 

My expectations from my time as a postdoc at the CRL are to collaborate with scholars outside of my discipline, and to conduct high-quality research. I believe this postdoctoral position plays to my strengths as a migration scholar, but also as someone who is open to interdisciplinary collaboration and wants to conduct research with societal relevance.