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Corporate Partner's award to Laurence Romani

Laurence Romani recipient of the 2019 SSE corporate Partners research award

For her research on cross-cultural management, diversity and inclusive research, Laurence Romani is awarded the 2019 Corporate Partner's Research Award: "My hope is that my research can facilitate diversity in the workplace."

The Corporate Partners' Research Award was established in 2003 with the objective of further promoting research at the Stockholm School of Economics. The prize is given to a researcher whose work has contributed to the development of their discipline and can be applied in practical and educational settings.

For this year's winner, Laurence Romani, who does research in collaboration with corporations, the award is a particularly important acknowledgement.

"It means something to receive this prestigious award from the corporate partners at SSE," says Laurence Romani. "It really highlights the fact that I'm not doing ivory tower research. It's an acknowledgement that the research I do together with practitioners has actual applications for practitioners."

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