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Tech workshop: Exploring space technologies for entrepreneurship - 26 Mar 2024

Students could join a conversation with the Swedish Space Corporation and the House of Innovation as they explored the potential of satellite imagery for entrepreneurship.

William Johansson (Innovation Lead, Swedish Space Corporation) and Riccardo Masiero (PhD Student, The Garden, House of Innovation) explored earth observation technologies operating at the outermost boundaries of our planet. Developed originally for surveillance and defence applications, space technologies are now open to civilian businesses helping in the solving our most demanding planetary challenges. By the end of the workshop, students learned how to practice basic image processing techniques, while designing innovative entrepreneurial proposals using visual data coming from space.

William Johansson works as Innovation Lead at Swedish Space Corporation where he is tasked to push the boundaries and positively challenge SSC to define solutions beyond our current service portfolio and business context, with the aim to develop new and enhanced sustainable space services.

Riccardo Masiero has a Master of Science in space engineering and now is a second year PhD Student at the House of Innovation of SSE. His research focuses on transformative innovation processes inside tech companies. He is curious about the role of unexpected visuals and signs to rethink current frames and paradigms.

All Tech Initiative events are designed for beginners, requiring just a basic grasp of technology.

(Image taken from https://marine.copernicus.eu/sites/default/files/media/image/2021-07/Baltic_blooms.jpg)

Tech Initiative Technology Seminar Workshop