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Tech talk | Why are business incumbents struggling to adopt generative AI? - 16 Apr 2024

During this tech talk, Amit Prabhu, Consultant (data, cloud, and AI), Author, and Speaker, focused on leading businesses' challenges and pain points in adopting new digital transformation technologies such as generative AI.

Amit presented this seminar in four parts. In the first part, he covered the digital landscape and the role of business incumbents in shaping it. In the second part, he talked about the GenAI hype and how incumbent businesses have reacted to it. He then covered the challenges faced by the companies in adopting GenAI. And lastly, he presented a solution based on his book, Digital Strategy Framework: A Practical Guide for Business Incumbents.

Amit Prabhu has over a decade of experience in global business management, strategy, and consulting. He holds a master’s degree in telecommunications and networking from the University of Pennsylvania. He has published his first book, Digital Strategy Framework: A Practical Guide for Business Incumbents, in February 2024. Besides being an author, consultant, and speaker, he is also a business trainer and faculty member at the Alfred Ford School of Management. Explorer and Teacher are the two words that describe him vividly. He works as Digital Transformation Lead at Accenture.

This seminar was part of Tech Initiative's event series on "AI unpacked: From basics to business strategies". All Tech Initiative events are designed for beginners and require only a basic grasp of technology.

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