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Mini-bootcamp: Build a fully functioning app using Low Code - 18 to 22 Sep 2023

Students who were keen on learning how to create a digital marketplace or a social media platform, got the chance to join a five-day “code-along" mini-bootcamp. Using Low Code, the participants developed a fully functioning web app in only one week. No prior experience was required.

Low Code uses visual interfaces to enable powerful web app development in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes. In this beginner-friendly bootcamp, all participants got to develop a fully functional web app (frontend and backend included) within 12 hours. The participants got to vote on what type of app the bootcamp should focus on (see information below).

Participants were limited to 15 and an application was required in advance.

The bootcamp was led by Daniel Nylander who is an SSE and SSE Business Lab alumn. Daniel is currently developing the fit-tech startup ORKA.

Structure of mini-bootcamp:

  • Day 1: Intro to Low Code, setting up, and starting the build.
  • Day 2: Phase 1 building, frontend focus (structuring, styles, responsiveness, and more).
  • Day 3: Phase 2 building, backend focus (sending, receiving, and modifying stored data).
  • Day 4: Vote on the next set of features we implement! The build will change based on what areas the participants want to dive deeper into at this stage. Build continues with combined frontend/backend focus.
  • Day 5: Finalizing the build. Ending with take-aways, and learnings on how to apply what we’ve learned to other professional scenarios and ventures.

What kind of app would you like to build? 

The participants got to choose one of the following options:

  1. Social media platform
    • similar to Facebook, Reddit, Discord
    • included features:
      • Forum creation and posting
      • Profiles and connections
      • Threads or community groups
  2. Habit/goal tracker
    • similar to Habit tracker apps, Trello, Habitify
    • included features:
      • Habit/goal creation
      • Completing/modifying/duplicating goals
      • Social & sharing
  3. Marketplace platform
    • similar to Blocket, Fiverr, Upwork
    • included features:
      • Seller & buyer accounts
      • Market services or products
      • Marking interest / connecting

SSE grade transcript: Every student who successfully completed the bootcamp received “Completed intro to Low Code app development” in their degree certificate under Formal Extracurricular Activities. Attendance was compulsory.

The Tech Initiative is brought to you by SSE’s House of Innovation.

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